Training & Consulting Services

FlashlightNOW makes it easy to find and hire the Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management experts you're looking for.

Do you and your team know how to prepare for, prevent, or respond to a crisis?  Do your employees or officers need training that is legally sound and current with best practices? All Businesses, organizations, communities, and even law enforcement agencies face unique risk, safety, and security challenges.  Given the right information, training, and continuing education, you and your team can reduce risk, prevent tragedy, change the future for the better.

FlashlightNOW connects you, the private citizen, business, or governmental agency with the best selection of qualified Public Safety, Security, and Emergency Management trainers and consultants.  These experts will help your staff feel safer, more competent, and better prepared to safeguard themselves, your organization, and their community. No matter your organization type or concern, use FlashlightNOW to find the right training and consulting professional for you.

Training and Consulting services include, but not limited to:

  • Workplace Safety and Security
  • Active Violence Prevention and Response
  • Use of force
  • less lethal
  • Crisis and mental health response
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Personal Safety and Protection
  • School Safety and Security
  • De-escalation Strategies
  • Dark Web and Internet
  • Emotional first aid and wellbeing
  • Executive and Close Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness and Management
  • Physical Security Technology and Systems
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement Agency
  • Security Threat and risk Assessments
  • Event Security Planning
  • Cyber Security
  • House of Worship Security and Safety

Summon immediate guarding and protective agent services with FlashlightNOW On Demand.

FlashlightNOW On Demand is a free mobile application available for Android and IOS mobile devices that lets you immediately summon guards and protective agents from qualified, highly rated local Security and Protective Agent companies.

Our desktop web application connects you with local security companies for short-term or long-term protective needs, available on short-notice or scheduled in advance. FlashlightNOW makes it easy to get a free quote from security providers who are perfectly suited to your needs.

Tired of playing phone tag with unresponsive security companies? Find, book, and pay your security guards all in one place. Download the FlashlightNOW On Demand mobile app to access immediate on-demand security officer services.

FlashlightNOW is committed to helping our community of security providers connect with you. The demand has never been greater for the guards, protective agents, and private investigators to keep our communities safe and sound.

Do you feel a powerful desire to serve your community and start building a career? Create a free customer account and connect with our network of local professionals looking to hire. The need to deliver safety and security to people, businesses, and events has never been greater. Will you answer the call?

Become a licensed provider
Have you thought about starting your own security company? FlashlightNOW provides an easy and low-cost opportunity for you, qualified law enforcement, military, corrections, and experienced security professionals ready to create their own security company. We make it easy for you to network and create a team of professionals to grow your new business.  

Our purpose is to provide you with customer connections, booking and payment tools, digital media marketing, and search engine optimization. Ultimately, our platform will help you maximize customer connections, do more work with more resources, and experience financial profit.

The three steps to starting your own security business using FlashlightNOW:

  1. If an active or retired police officer, corrections, military, or experienced security professional, you likely qualify for a license.
    To obtain licensure, visit the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services.
  2. To start your business, visit the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.
  3. Lastly, create your free FlashlightNOW provider account to expand your workforce and customer based while becoming a profitable business keeping people safe and sound.