Security Guard Services

Private Security for Minnesota

FlashlightNOW takes the hassle out of finding licensed security guard services.

We connect you to local security guards for hire that are highly trained for commercial security, corporate security, residential security, event security, private security, and more.

FlashlightNOW offers the first on-demand security service via your mobile app to immediately summon carefully vetted guard and protective agent services from top local security companies. Our mission is to provide trustworthy security you can call upon at any time – from any location.

  • Places of Worship
  • School and Universities
  • Hotel Security
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Liquor Stores
  • Construction Sites
  • Stadium Security
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Night Club Security
  • Restaurant Security
  • Maritime Security

Our desktop web application connects you with local security companies for short-term or long-term protective needs, available on short-notice or scheduled in advance. FlashlightNOW makes it easy to get a free quote from security providers who are perfectly suited to your needs.

Tired of playing phone tag with unresponsive security companies? Find, book, and pay your security guards all in one place. Download the FlashlightNOW On Demand mobile app to access immediate on-demand security officer services.

Security Guard Services

In today’s fast-paced world, professional security guard companies play a critical role in keeping society safe. FlashlightNOW is the smartest way to find, hire, and pay for scheduled private security services. Our technology connects you to the largest collection of local, licensed, and highly-rated on-call security guards, security professionals, and various security services.

24/7 On-Call Security Guards

Guards hired on-demand to secure property, perform surveillance, screen guests, and generally maintain a safe environment.

Temporary Security Guards

Professionally trained guards that provide affordable and short-term security services as needed.

Agent For Service of Process

An individual or entity hired by a business to serve, write, or receive legal documents in their name.

UAV/Drone Surveillance

Using an unmanned aerial vehicle to patrol a large site or venue.

Private Investigators

Hired to carry out sensitive investigations on their behalf.

Find Local Security Guards in Minnesota With FlashlightNOW On Demand

If you need security guard services in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas, look no further. At FlashlightNOW, we guarantee that our providers are carefully vetted, trusted professionals you can count on for safety and protection.

Commercial Security Services

Local retail and commercial managers are facing new security challenges. Use FlashlightNOW to schedule or summon the security services you need.

Whether your business needs retail loss prevention, vandalism prevention, FlashlightNOW will connect you to the perfect local security guard for your situation. Customers and employees that feel safe are more likely to stay longer, return more often, and refer others to visit.

Corporate Security Services

Corporate security has come to mean more than securing your building premises, which is why many businesses hire a company security guard. While a small business’s security threats differ from those of a larger corporation, every company can benefit from corporate security.

FlashlightNOW connects you with local security experts trained in employee termination, corporate event security, meeting security, executive protection, and so many more essential areas that can improve you and your customers’ safety.

Hire our experienced corporate security guards. Create your free account with FlashlightNOW.

Residential Security Services

Home is a place where you and your loved ones should feel safe and secure. With FlashlightNOW, you can, knowing that we are here to provide you with local security officers for all of your residential security needs. From emergency responses to mobile patrol services and more, you can hire a guard anytime you need one.

Use FlashlightNOW to hire guards for your home to keep your loved ones’ and property safe.

Event Security

Do you have an event coming up that may benefit from having crowd management? Thanks to FlashlightNOW, event security has never been easier. You can easily find and hire the security you need for events.

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Crowd Management
  • Trade Shows
  • Concert or Festivals
  • Photoshoots
  • Red Carpets
FlashlightNOW makes it easy to find and schedule professional event security services. For immediate security, FlashlightNOW On Demand app can summon dependable, same-day guards.

Private Security Solutions for Your Organization

We know how difficult it can be to find reliable security services at the last minute. Whether you’re looking for an escort home at night or a full team for event security, FlashlightNOW On Demand is ready to serve you.

For immediate security, we offer FlashlightNOW On Demand, an entirely new way to feel safe and sound. This exclusive, first-of-its-kind mobile application connects you to immediate service from some of Minnesota’s top-rated licensed security companies.

Using your mobile device, the FlashlightNOW On Demand application for IOS and Android connects you to on-duty local security guards and protective agents who immediately respond in-person to your location. Sign up for FlashlightNOW to find the perfect security solution for your organization today.