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FlashlightNOW takes the hassle out of finding licensed security guard services.

FlashlightNOW connects you with local security experts that are highly trained in executive protection and bodyguard services. These highly qualified individuals understand the unique planning, skills, and logistics required to safeguard you and your valuable assets.

No matter what your security needs are, we have your back.

  • Short-term or Long-term
  • 24/7 or On-Call
  • Personal or Professional
  • Parties and Other Private Events

FlashlightNOW is the only online marketplace that connects you to qualified security and executive protection companies. Our network of providers assist in travel security and planning, close protection details, and other bodyguard services to dramatically reduce security risk. Create your FREE account to hire a trustworthy and reliable close protection agent to keep you safe and secure.

Find Local Security Guards in Minnesota With FlashlightNOW

If you need security guard services in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas, look no further. At FlashlightNOW, we guarantee that our providers are carefully vetted, trusted professionals you can count on for safety and protection.

Private Bodyguard Services

Bodyguards, also known as close protection officers or executive protection professionals, play a vital role in many lives. CEOs, business executives, and celebrities are the most common targets of violent threats, though their families may be threatened, as well. Threats can stem from disgruntled employees or everyday people who develop an unhealthy fixation. Regardless, everyone deserves to feel safe and protected.

Executive protection services for VIPs and Celebrities
24/7 Bodyguards and Close Protection
Personal Bodyguards
Personal Driver and Bodyguard
Travel Bodyguards

Our network of providers assist in travel security and logistics, close protection details, and other personal bodyguard services to greatly reduce security risk. Find out how it works.

24/7 Bodyguards and Close Protection

Create a free account with FlashlightNOW to quickly find, hire, and pay an executive protection expert or close protection agent with the experience, training, planning, and threat recognition skills required to meet your needs. For executive protection services, we have you covered. We source protection for business professionals, celebrities, professional athletes, news crews, and other high-profile or at-risk individuals.

  • Harassment and stalker protection

  • Access and crowd control 

  • Threat monitoring and assessment

  • Protective surveillance 

  • Emergency security response

  • Managing confrontations

  • Secure transportation

Personal Driver and Bodyguard

No matter who you are, if you feel you are in danger of a personal attack, a personal driver and bodyguard can ensure your safety at every turn.

A personal security guard and driver may also  ensure that their clients’ contacts and travel destinations aren’t potentially threatening. They can check backgrounds, plan travel routes, and pre-search all rooms, vehicles, and venues. Bodyguards offer a wide range of skills and services that allow them to take immediate action in emergencies and adapt to your needs.

  • Protective personal drivers drive, plan, and protect
  • A personal protection officer and driver knows how to avoid disruptive situations
  • Bodyguards and drivers allow their clients to feel safe in an unfamiliar environment


Take your bodyguard protection on the road and hire a close protection driver today.

Travel Bodyguards

Travel bodyguards ensure the safety of a private or commercial flight and its personnel.

The benefits of a travel bodyguard include:

  • A personal escort to safely navigate you to your destination
  • Bodyguard protection for part of or the entire trip
  • Background checks for unfamiliar group members
  • Secure transit of valuable belongings 

Safely travel in style with a trusted executive protection agent from FlashlightNOW.

Executive Protection Services for VIPs and Celebrities

For VIPs and celebrities, personal protection and security services are absolutely essential. Although immediate physical threats are not always present, constant protection is generally needed for one reason or another. 

  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Athletes
  • Executives
  • Public Figures
  • Other High Profile Individuals

The role of a bodyguard is never easy, but when it comes to VIPs and celebrities, extra challenges exist. Our experienced bodyguards are alert and aware of their surroundings. If any issues arise they know their role is to diffuse the situation rather than escalate it.

Need protection in a hurry?

Whether you find yourself in a situation needing immediate protection, or you simply need additional support, we are here to help. Download the FlashlightNOW On Demand mobile app for an exclusive on-demand experience and immediately summon security and protection from Minnesota’s top-rated licensed security companies.

Our mobile app connects you to local on-duty security guards that immediately respond at the location of your choice. Use FlashlightNOW On Demand for immediate assistance for services like personal safety escort, and business, residential, house of worship, and special event security.


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