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FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand Mobile App

Enabling you to help customers in immediate need of your guarding and protective services.

Requirements and Standards

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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ's for Service Providers

FlashlightNOW answers to our most asked questions by providers.

The FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand mobile app lets customers summon immediate physical security and protection to their own location or a secondary location.

Responding guards/protective agents are employees/owners of the verified local providers present on FlashlightNOW that have met the requirements of their respective state licensing agencies. The providers of this service are not employees of FlashlightNOW or its Protection On Demand mobile service platform.

This is the only service offered to customers and Providers where the pricing is set and fixed by FlashlightNOW. The fixed pricing is based on input from Providers, customers, and industry data to maintain stability, value, and access for everyone that will use it. FlashlightNOW automatically collects a fixed percentage admin fee at the conclusion of the service. The FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand app is available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.

FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand (FNPOD)

Questions and answers specific to the FlashlightNOW On Demand mobile app for providers.

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Legal Requirements and Licensing for Providers

Questions and answer regarding the legal and licensing standards for all service providers on our FlashlightNOW platform. 

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